Developer Services

Snagging and Handover Inspection

Property development and sales come with huge gains, but also huge risks. One way to ensure a successful handover is to get a clear understanding of the true condition of the property at the time of Substantial Completion. Springfield Snagging & Handover Inspections ensure you are receiving your development from the Contractor to the highest of standards.

Our Solutions

  • Our highly-qualified team of Engineers, Architects, and Technical Inspectors will study, analyze and report on the physical condition of your property.

  • Make professional recommendations for repairs, replacements, upgrades and anticipated issues that may result in financial risks or liability to you

  • Defects with supporting photos and descriptions, including the most current status of each defect before and after its remedy.

  • Authorized personnel from the Developer team will have access to a full database of photos and descriptions of defects, including the most current status of each defect before and after its remedy.

  • At the end of our inspection, a full detailed condition report will be presented for record.

Property Inspector

Here are a few reasons why Springfield is a leading independent property inspector and one you can trust to provide an impartial and professional report

  • We have a team of internationally qualified, accredited and experienced engineers.

  • Over the past 10 years, we have developed a broad understanding of the UAE real estate market and built healthy relationships with Contractors in the region giving us the necessary lines of communication to reach the concerned department responsible for remedying yours snag list.

  • We have hands-on experience in all kinds of developments, ranging from exclusive residential communities, to towers, to large-scale commercial facilities.

  • We have invested heavily in our own, proprietary, Oracle-based technology providing us a unique advantage in the market.